Nutrition - my approach

Nutrition lives its peek moment in media. There has never been so many different diets, food supplements, super foods, healthy tricks etc. having so much media coverage. Almost everyday we hear and read about new things, that are either good or bad. The good side of the coin is that we are surely informed, the not so good is that we get more and more confused and lost in the jungle of nutrition and health.

The reason, why there is so much controversy about nutrition, is that we are all different. Even though genetically we are 99% the same, the one percent makes all the difference. That difference together with our unique intestinal microbiome with their own genes explain why a good nutrition for you, might not be good for me, nor to your best friend. Alongside with our genes our lifestyle factors play an important role. Genes prepare the soil, and our lifestyles plant and harvest. We also might have stress-related issues, sickness, heavy metal overload and many other conditions, that impact the functioning of our organs, such as the adrenals, the thyroid gland and the hottest potato, the intestins. All this impacts our bodies’ constitution and the manifestation of our genes.

My approach lies in the crossing of these factors - the interplay of our genes, lifestyle and our bodily constitutions. In this meeting point lies also the grain of true health. By digging into these factors we can find the omnipotent healing powers of our physical, psychosomatic and spiritual beings. This is the place where I go with each of my clients.

My approach is also based on baby steps, those small changes that are possible in the midst of our busy lives. We don’t have to be absolutists in anything. 80% of good stuff is good enough for most of us. We have to leave our door open to unexpected, to indulgence and to pure fun-factors in life, too.

Lastly, my approach leans on nature. This is the one thing we all have in common. We are all beings of nature, and I believe that nature will most surely heal us in a no-harming way. In my consultations I always rely on the most natural nutrition plan, where the emphasis is on the plate, in real food. When it comes to supplements, those little helpers of healing, I rely on the most natural compounds and products in the market.