Marimiina - In a nutshelL

I am certified nutritionist focusing on functional medicine, and a journalist. I have gratuated from an independent school of nutrition and health, called Terveysopisto Salus. I have also executed nutrition studies at the University of Helsinki. Furthermore I am a yoga teacher from the respected Yoga Academy, based in UK. My master’s degree is from the University of Helsinki, the faculty of Social Science, majoring communication.

I’m constantly training myself to keep up with the latest studies and reseach. Recently my passion has fallen on genetics, and most specifically epigenetics - the dialogue between our genes, nutrition and lifestyle factors. I believe this is the future of personalized nutrition, and it is already in the heart of functional medicine.

My professional studies sums up nicely who I am. I am passionate about nutrition and health, and how they interplay with our lifestyle and nutrition factors, our natural rhytms and our constitution (genes) to build up - or destroy - our health. I am passionate about writing and sharing information on healthy and happy lifestyle. I am passionate about nature and all its manifestations. I am passionate to use my knowhow to help you to find your healthy path to live a fulfilling and joyful life in good health.

You can follow me by reading my Finnish blog “Kohtuudella Kaikkea” at: https://naturalgoodscompany.com/category/marimiina/ or vising instagram @Marimiina